The Network Expect Project

Welcome to the Network Expect project. This site is the central repository of information about NetworkExpect, a framework for manipulating network packets, including packet crafting, injection, and reception. The Network Expect source code, documentation, and examples can be found here.

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Recent News

March 07, 2018: I’m still alive, although Network Expect has been dormant for the past few years. I have not had a need to generate “special” network traffic in a while, which is probably one of the reasons the project has been dormant. The only thing worth mentioning at this point is that the Network Expect wiki, which was a MoinMoin wiki, has been migrated to a static site using the Hugo ( static site generator. The main reason for this migration was that the web server that was hosting the Network Expect wiki kept getting hit by bots either indexing the site, or trying to hack the site. In either case, it was taxing the web server to the point that I decided to throw out all dynamic page generation and go to a simple static site that is still easy to manage thanks to Hugo. All the wiki content was migrated over (some links might still be broken but I’ll fix them as I see them).

July 31, 2014: Not a lot of activity in this past year but I still try to keep Network Expect at least building against the current libwireshark version. To this end, I have just released Network Expect 0.22, which builds against the just-released libwireshark from Wireshark 1.12. As in previous Network Expect releases, support for the previous libwireshark version (1.10) has been discontinued.

July 17, 2013: Network Expect 0.21. This new release adds support for libwireshark from Wireshark 1.10. Unfortunately, no new features. As in previous releases that add support for a new libwireshark version, support for previous libwireshark releases is discontinued.

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NetworkExpect was written and is currently maintained by Eloy Paris. Comments/feedback/problem reports should be sent to Eloy Paris.