About Network Expect

Eloy Paris

Network Expect is a framework for managing network packets, including packet crafting, injection, and reception. The framework uses Tcl (http://www.tcl.tk/), which provides branching and high-level control structures to direct the interaction with the network.

Network Expect is specially useful for recreating situations that trigger a problem (bug), for replaying traffic, for writing proof-of-concept protocols and tools, for simulating Denial-of-Service attacks, and, in general, for situations that require injecting network traffic at a very low level, i.e. traffic that requires transmitting and receiving invalid packets, traffic that requires setting specific header fields to specific values (e.g. TCP sequence numbers, TCP and IP flags, etc.)

About This Site

This site used to be a MoinMoin wiki. MoinMoin is great wiki software but the web server running the Network Expect wiki kept getting hit by bots and/or malicious users trying to index or hack (brute force login attempts, defacing pages, etc.) the site. In either case, those attempts resulted in dynamic page generations that were taxing the server so I decided to migrate from a MoinMoin wiki to a static site using the Hugo (http://gohugo.io/) static site generator.

The Hugo template used for this site is XMin, written by Yihui Xie. The source code for the theme is on Github.